Saturday, February 13, 2010

Announcement: IQC's Newest Member

If you don't mind this post being far more of the announcement variety than the standard sort of philosophizing you've come to expect from me, I'd like a few minutes to share some exciting news. One of the most stressful parts of being a graduate student is not knowing what comes next, such as wondering where one will go for a PhD program. Unfortunately, the structure of the PSI program exacerbates this somewhat by accelerating things such that we needed to apply for PhD programs not long after arriving. Well, for me, that uncertainty has been pushed back at least 3 years, as I have been accepted as a PhD student at the Institute
for Quantum Computation
at the University of Waterloo. Starting this summer, I will be a member of IQC and will be doing research I love in a place I adore. As for what happens after that, well, that's a worry for a much, later day. For now, I am celebrating my participation in one of the best quantum computation research groups in the world.

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